Intern at the most innovative media & entertainment company in Korea. 

Koreaboo's internship program accepts a small number of applicants in batches throughout the year. These applicants join our full-time team in Seoul, South Korea or remote from around the world. 

Applicants work together as a batch in our 6 month internship program. At the end of the program, we evaluate interns and continue to work with them on a case-by-case basis. Some interns continue to stay with our internship program for an extended period of time due to their excellent progress while at Koreaboo.

We mentor all our interns by working side-by-side with them on our creative projects. Our interns were essential in helping Koreaboo to create KCON and working on the hundreds of concerts we have been involved with.

Flexible working hours, approx. 15-20 hours per week.


Instead, tell us why we won't find another applicant like you.

As Koreaboo’s intern, you’ll be an essential part in our curation, creation, publishing process and will support our growth in the Korean entertainment and media market. You will be responsible for making great strides in expanding Koreaboo’s brand. Month-long projects with major labels to short, rapid-fire projects that are created and executed in 24hours; Koreaboo’s interns are the special forces of K-Pop. We're looking for only the best.


+Essential qualities

🔑 Be dedicated to your work
🔑 Be a self-motivator and leader.
🔑 Be extremely proactive.
🔑 Improve and learn instantly with feedback. 


❤️ Perfect Grammar and Spelling.
💛 24/7 updated on trending Korean content. 
💚 Fluent in Korean and translating >real-time.
💙 Fluent in other languages.

These are not requirements. It's okay if you are not fluent in Korean but an amazing writer.

... The difference in language is what inspires us most actually. The fact that something universal like humor, happiness or sadness is dually experienced with slight but poignant differences allows us to experience emotions in a ‘fuller’ way.
— Tablo (Epik High)